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Life’s Connection (LC) is a prolife medical pregnancy, educational, and resource center located in Mukwonago and Waukesha, Wisconsin.  

Life’s Connection provides a unique “Hearts of Hope” Miscarriage Program. The Archdiocese of Milwaukee appointed LC as a sacred holding site for miscarried babies. They walk the journey with families going through miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant loss, providing help with planning: memorial services, funeral, and burial vessels. It assists in grief support and counseling and provides a place to hold babies' remains until the time of burial onsite at each of its locations.  

Life’s Connection works with area cemeteries and parishes to help families facing this loss. At St Thomas Aquinas Parish, LC works hand in hand with St Thomas Elizabeth Ministry through “Hearts of Hope” providing miscarriage delivery aides, burial vessels, services, and more.  

If anyone in the parish family is facing a loss, please feel free to contact Life’s Connection at 262-470-3119.  We will provide the support needed to foster hope, help, and healing during this difficult time. 

Life’s Connection is proud to be the new upcoming Elizabeth Ministry Chapter Headquarters in the coming months. We are excited to be able to support Elizabeth Ministry Chapters not only in the Archdiocese but throughout the world.

LEARN MORE about the "Hearts of Hope" Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Loss Support Program.