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Each year, thousands are baptized into the Catholic Church in the United States. Parishes welcome these new Catholics through the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA).  This program is meant for those seeking to be baptized in the Catholic Church and adults looking to receive first communion or confirmation.


Peggy Liginski and Marc Bucaro coordinate our RCIA program. If you are interested in becoming Catholic or just learning more about the Catholic faith, you have a welcome seat at the table! Classes are held throughout the year and anyone interested in exploring the Catholic faith or completing their sacraments is welcome to join at any time by contacting the parish office at 262-534-2255 or Peggy Liginski at

This program begins with a period of inquiry during which we review the basics of the faith.

It continues with the Catechumenate period in which participants delve deeply into the faith, its meaning, and how “being a Catholic” will affect their lives.

Next, is the period called "Enlightenment."  In this phase, each person decides whether they are truly being called to be Catholic.

After completing the period of Enlightenment, the Sacraments of Initiation are administered and the person becomes a fully initiated Catholic.

This is followed by a period called Mystagogy, in which participants explore their individual gifts and how they can use these gifts to become active participants in living their faith through Christian example and service.

If you are looking for more information on the Catholic Faith please see the following websites:
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Two of our recent RCIA participants after receiving sacraments.